Creating a business case is often confused with creating a business plan but in reality the business case is usually a sub-set of the business plan. It has a different function from the plan and is designed to provide the essential financial information to support a business plan. At its simplest, and in Microsoft Office terms, it is the Excel Spreadsheet to the plan’s Word Document.

This manual will give the reader a solid foundation for creating and developing a business case that will both achieve its purpose and meet the needs of the several different audiences. Whatever the nature of the business you are working on and the type of business development you are analysing, this manual will guide you directly to the point.

A business case, either on its own or as part of a business plan, should therefore be geared entirely around the objective of justifying the investment and commitment of the company to a new or revised direction. It should also err on the side of caution, anticipating higher costs than might be expected, and lower revenues. The intended audience or audiences will be more likely to review and approve a business case that represents the risks and the opportunities cautiously.

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