Developing a business plan is a straightforward process but it is often turned into a mystery and an art and, worse, confused with creating a business case.

This manual is designed to go to the heart of business planning, focusing on the essentials. It will give the reader a solid foundation for creating and developing a business plan that will both achieve its purpose and meet the needs of the several different audiences. Whatever the nature of the business you are working on and the type of business development you are analysing, this manual will guide you directly to the point.

A business plan is essentially simple in its aim. The whole purpose of the document is to obtain investment, which can be time, money or resources, or all three, that a particular changed way of working requires. As a result of a successfully approved business plan, a business can develop, change, advance, gain new revenue streams or exploit a new market with current products or services.

The outcome from business planning is what is important, and that outcome isn’t a perfect business plan. The aim is a valid document that underpins business development and isn’t ignored once it has been accepted, but is continually revised in the light of changing circumstances.

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