Practical Ways to Navigate through Nonsense
Who hasn’t felt that they were banging their head against a brick wall bringing a complaint against a company? You know it isn’t good for you – and it certainly isn’t good for the company either – so why aren’t complaints speedily dealt with? Alan Lakey has many years of experience dealing with idiocy in commercial life, from the inside and from the outside – and his relentless, careful, step-by-step approach to getting complaints resolved are a lesson for us all.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and Alan uses the full panoply of the resources he has developed over the years to get some sanity into commercial life, ranging from the initial polite telephone call right through to legal action. This is a book that will have you marvelling at his persistence – and one that will inspire you to settle only for the right result.

You may feel your blood begin to boil as you read some of the chapters – but all of us will recognise how idiocy infects commercial life and how important it is for all sides to eliminate it.

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Breaking through bureaucracy, stupidity and downright obstruction is just part of every day commercial life – and Alan Lakey demonstrates how he has succeeded in bringing sense to commercial life – against all odds.

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