India, My India – A Stab at Its History Volume 1: The Earliest Years


Farrukh Dhondy brings alive the history of India from its earliest years to its present position as a global powerhouse – with a highly informative, highly readable and personal account of its development – debunking, illustrating, revealing and challenging established views, based on his scholarship and particular insights.

Available in a complete edition, it is also published in 3 volumes of which this is Volume 1. In Volume 2, Farrukh looks at the rise of Islam, in Volume 3 he takes the story forward from the rise of the East India Company, through the British Raj, the struggle for independence, and then the creation of what is rapidly becoming one of the global powerhouses, modern India.

In Volume 1, Farrukh looks at the earliest migrations into India, the waves of invasions – not least that of Alexander the Great, the emergence of the Hindu and other religions, and the way that modern politicians and commentators are using elements of that history, not always in quite the way that you might expect. Farrukh brings his impish sense of humour to the fruits of his scholarship and creates the most engaging and highly informative narrative.

Whatever you think you already know about India, you will be given new perspectives and new ideas in one of the most entertaining and witty history books – and introduced to the unique personality of Farrukh Dhondy, whose experience as a writer, scholar, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, and political force will both amaze and delight you.

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