A Practical Guide to Ownership and Other Excuses to Quit Work and Start a Business

Stuart Haining’s new book couldn’t be more different from his series The Practical Digital Marketeer, also published in Bite-Sized Booksand it deals with what can be described as his love affair with his Aston Martin Vantage V8. Anyone buying this book in the belief it might also be a self-help, get-rich-quick guide to starting a business should think again! Yes, he does indeed waffle on a bit about how owning a company can get you the car, if not the girl, but it’s mostly an unusual take on motoring, and in particular the unexpected joys and pitfalls of owning an Aston Martin for the first time.

The sheer joy of owning one of the most iconic cars comes through every page and Stuart describes with such great pleasure what it is like to own and drive such a car – and explains how you can do so on a shoe string – though, to be fair, it is a shoe string for a very expensive pair of shoes! Stuart uses his wit to show how being resourceful, ambitious and willing to take a gamble can lead to a most rewarding relationship with a car – if it’s an Aston Martin with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies.

This is the first Bumper Bite-Sized Book and it’s a light-hearted look at the kinds of things you won’t find in any other car book on the planet!

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Those who have read Stuart Haining’s series of books, The Practical Digital Marketeer, will know his relaxed, witty, chatty and engaging style – and in his latest book, he turns his attention to his continuing relationship with his dream car – although, as you will see, it wasn’t always going to be the object of his affections.

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