If you work in retail, have a retail business (or want to develop one) and need a retail business mobile app, this book will provide you with all you need to know about the mobile revolution that is driving retail wars in the twenty first century. The book goes wider than the mobile world and focuses on an omni-channel strategy. It also covers the real issues and impact on IT, marketing and operations in the retail world.

You will understand how both sides – the retailer and the customer – react to the different approaches, the retailer’s swing and the consumer’s pop style. If you are simply curious about mobile apps for retail, you will be guided through the m-evolution based on real stories that represent the stepping-stones for the retail industry.

By reading this highly focused book you will gain an understanding of why connected-commerce is not just a trend, embrace the changes through understanding e-tail and the m-customer profile, understand the range of impacts that mobile adoption in retail will have, and appreciate the new omni-where. In short, you will learn to believe in the new retail formats as something great for everyone. From Nowhere to Now and Here.

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