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In the second volume of his five volume series on practical digital marketing, Stuart focuses on all the practical elements of digital marketing, including understanding the key words and the numbers behind everything you do. With his years of experience behind him, Stuart takes the reader quickly through all the elements of building a successful digital marketing campaign. He draws on all his experience in more conventional marketing – which still has valuable lessons for all marketeers – and shows how blending the more standard techniques and tools, such as competitive analysis, with the newer insights of the digital world, such as understanding what is really going on inside the search engines, can produce a really solid competitive advantage. As with everything that Stuart writes, his perspective is really important and different and he shows how using an online digital budget more effectively can save you time and effort and yield much better results – but to achieve this, there is no substitute for understanding the digital medium and making it work for you. His insights into how making apparently more cost-effective decisions can end up costing you money are particularly important – and you will come away from reading this volume wiser, less daunted, and inspired to deploy some of the tricks and twists that Stuart recommends.

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Stuart Haining has produced a five volume practical guide to all forms of digital marketing – a fast changing environment that he has mastered. All five books stand alone but can also be bought as a five volume bundle, in both paperback and Kindle formats. Whether you are a newcomer to digital marketing or an expert, you will be able to pick the brains of one of the most successful digital marketeers – and in less than an hour’s reading have what you need at your fingertips to be far more successful.


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