Your Brain In Quarantine


Stuck indoors? Self-isolating?

Do you wonder what effect – short term and long term – this is having on your brain?

You’re not alone… Billions of people all over the world are quarantined to protect them from COVID-19 and are experiencing real changes in their understanding of themselves and others.

T.J.Coles, a researcher in the field of neuroscience, in easily accessible language guides you through the physical changes that might be happening as your brain adapts to the new circumstances: the claustrophobia of being indoors, the loss of freedom, getting used to new routines, why talking on the phone isn’t as good as meeting in person, disruptions to your natural rhythms, and much more.

He explains the technical words used in brain research – and illuminates a whole new understanding.

It’s not all despair as this book concludes with inspirational stories of others who survived long-term isolation and how they did so.

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