You can imagine that I jumped at the chance when I was approached to publish a book by an Aston owner about owning an Aston Martin, who said he ran his Aston Martin Vantage V8 on a shoe string. (He admitted it was a fairly expensive pair of shoes.) When I got the typescript I was delighted – not only was Stuart Haining a true enthusiast who added all sorts of knick knacks and things to the car, but he just loved every minute of driving the car. (It turned out that that was quite a good description of how long he actually drove the car every year . .) The bit I most loved – apart from the self-deprecating humour and the general witty tone of the whole book – was the fact that unlike normal cars, Stuart had worked out that his Aston needed to have its battery charged every now and again (well, certainly, again) – so he rigged up a permanent battery charger. And he still loved the car!

It turns out that they are just quirky, fairly expensive, not that practical, fast and furious, thoroughly desirable, boys’ toys – and probably all the better for that. It’s no wonder that, given that you can have an up-market luxury saloon for one fifth of the price of a new Aston, and that you have to be both rich and slightly potty to buy a new Aston, the second hand values are going to be poor. But, as Stuart, who bought his Aston second hand for what he claims is a very reasonable price, says in My Other Car is an Aston, it does mean that you can have a relatively modern, completely barmy but ever-so exciting indulgence that will give a person besotted with Astons pleasure every time he looks at it. (Stuart has also found how to run the Aston on that shoe string – and some of his ways of approaching it are both useful and completely hilarious!)

I hope you can see why I just had to write about this.